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February 2017
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Carla Javits, CEO of REDF, discusses the venture philanthropy model, the significance of employment and job creation for our economy and our society, and the REDF expansion into cities across the country, including a successful partnership model in Los Angeles. She talk about REDF as a venture philanthropy model that invests in the growth and effectiveness of social enterprises dedicated to helping people who otherwise would be excluded from the workforce, get jobs, keep jobs, and build a better life. 

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Claudia Juech is associate vice president and managing director for Strategic Insights at The Rockefeller Foundation. She joined The Rockefeller Foundation in 2007 and currently leads the work to maximize insight—both internally and externally—from the various channels the Foundation uses to learn about new ideas. She speaks with the Philanthropy Hour today about the Scan and Search model, the strategic insights they are gaining from this approach, and how it is leading to effective and impactful philanthropy. This is an opportunistic model that proactively surveys the landscapes of several sectors at once, brings more diverse voices into the earliest stages of its work through interviews and listening tours, and ultimately maximizes the Foundation's reach through evidence-based learning and research. 

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Bonnie Horrigan was the Executive Director of the Bravewell Collaborated for the final four years until the project concluded in 2015. She joins the Philanthropy Hour today to discuss her experience with this innovative group of philanthropists who managed a collective trust of funds from 20+ leading U.S. donors, all eager to have an active role in changing healthcare. She discusses her findings in the book The Bravewell Story: How a Small Community of Philanthropists Made a Big Difference in Healthcare, which highlights their key principals and successes. This is a great interview on taking a different path to tackle a large, national issue. It is a great lesson for future models. 

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Richard Woo is the CEO of the Russell Family Foundation, based in the Puget Sound region. Richard joins the Philanthropy Hour to discuss their work in tackling renewable energy efforts, water quality, environmental sustainability, and leadership development. We talk about the concepts of collective impact, responsive grant making, and impact investing as an effective vehicle. Richard addresses the importance of fostering strong relationships, approachability, and inclusiveness. The role of the Foundation is to be accessible to the local community, to strive for endless curiosity and lifelong learning, and support those change agents who are making a difference in the world. This is a reflection of the values of the founders, George and Jane Russell. Take a listen!

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Roger Nozaki is the Vice President of the Barr Foundation, one of the largest private foundations serving the New England region. He oversees the grant making programs, learning and evaluation, and operational activities. Previously, Mr. Nozaki was the senior policy advisor in the Office of the Under Secretary at the U.S. Department of Education. Prior to joining the Education Department, Roger held posts at the Hitachi Foundation and GE Foundation, and as associate dean at Brown University.  

Roger Nozaki of the Barr Foundation joins the show today to discuss the funding priorities of the Barr Foundation, what it means to be a community funder, and the advantages of having deep roots in the community, with strong partnerships. Roger also delves into learning and evaluation of grants for greater impact, and we explore some of the important trends taking place in philanthropy. Roger has a lot of keen insights into effective philanthropic models, how we can affect the most change.

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Vikki Spruill, President and CEO of Council on Foundations, speaks to the Philanthropy Hour on the work of the Council, how they represent all of various grantmakers across the country, and how they provide effective resources. Vikki addresses the impact and value of American philanthropy in general, as well as the importance of charitable giving. She discusses some of the emerging trends in philanthropy, and how Foundations are responding to these different charitable vehicles. She has a great understanding of the philanthropic climate, and what it will take to advocate on behalf of the sector. 
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