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Kyle Westaway is a social entrepreneur and an attorney based in Brooklyn. He is the principal of Westaway Law, a law firm for social entrepreneurs.  

Kyle has been recognized as one of the leading independent attorneys in the US by Xemplar and has been selected as a Cordes Fellow. He is a lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. 

In this interview, we discuss:

  1. What is a social enterprise?
  2. How start-ups and blue chip corporations are responding to market trends?
  3. How the purpose-driven mentality is infiltrating the marketplace. 
  4. The importance of metrics and accountability. 
  5. Where the field of social enterprise is heading. 
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Mark Loranger is the President and CEO of Chrysalis, an organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for the homeless and low-income individuals.  Before that, Mark was VP of Chrysalis Enterprises, a group of social enterprise businesses that provides transitional jobs for Chrysalis clients.

In our interview, Mark gives an historical background on the social enterprise field, the evolution of what it has become today, and how his own personal passions have manifested themselves in the work that he does for Chrysalis, a true social enterprise.

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Sylia Obagi is a leader in the Los Angeles philanthropic sector. As  the Executive Director of the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation, she is charged with leading the 16-member board of directors through a strategic planning process to establish the organization's mission, vision, grantmaking priorities, and next generation leadership development program, and to position the organization as a strategic partner to community stakeholders.  

Her experiences in the various organizations and associations have led her to realize that the most effective organizations benefit from strong and visionary leadership, with an active board of directors that is engaged in fundraising and strategic planning. She also believes that the social sector in general could benefit from a shift in mindset and perception, and that we all have a part to play in that transformation. 

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James Barnes is the Chief Relationship Officer for Vanguard Charitable, an independent public charity founded by Vanguard as a tax-effective way to contribute assets, over time, recommend grants to nonprofit organizations.

By creating a personal philanthropic account, clients can be strategic about giving and managing their charitable contributions in a flexible and convenient way. They offer an immediate benefit as a charitable tax contribution.  They enable their assets to grow tax-free through any number of investment options.  With over $4.5 billion in 10,000+ accounts, granting over $0.5 billion a year, Vanguard Charitable's mission is to increase philanthropy and maximize its charitable impact over time.

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Nnamdi Okafor is the founder and director of VSN Managment

The mission of VsN is to effectively manage the philanthropic agendas of its clients, promoting them to both a local and global community through a broad range of modern, cutting edge applications.

Nnamdi has an incredible personal story to share as well, from his birth in Nigeria to establishing his roots and his company in Los Angeles.  Nnamdi has worked for some amazing charitable causes, and we're lucky to hear his story on this show.  His passion for change and a better community leads him to be a force and contributor in the realm of philanthropy. 

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Dr. Russell James is the Director of Graduate studies in Charitable Financial Planning at Texas Tech University.  He was trained as a lawyer, having graduated cum laude from University of Missouri.  He worked as a Planned Giving Director for Central Christian College, while also building a successful law practice around estate and gift planning.  He later served as President of the same college, with direct supervision over all fundraising activities.

In this fascinating interview, we cover the research that he has conducted at Texas Tech University, and apply it to real world applications of approaching donors and asking for money, specifically charitable bequest gifts. This research also provides an insight into the thought process of donors, and how to manipulate that thought process to get the best responses. 

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