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Dr. Emily Gustafsson-Wright is a fellow at the Brookings Institution. She helped publish a report in summer 2015 with some of her colleagues entitled "The Potential and Limitations of Social Impact Bonds: Lessons From The First 5 Years of Experience Worldwide." Here we discuss exactly what a Social Impact Bond is, how it functions, and its potential ramifications for funding social service projects in the future. SIBs have only been around for 5 years, but they are already gaining a lot of attention, with potential investors ready to get involved in the game. So it is important to analyze what is working and what needs to be improved for the future. 

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As Vice President of The Morgridge Family Foundation, Carrie Morgridge has learned what works and what doesn't when it comes to giving. She argues that in order to ensure meaningful and lasting change, a gift must be more than simply a grant of money. The giver must assess whether the program is the right fit, work hand-in-hand with the key leaders on strategy, develop a plan for making the endeavor sustainable, and ensure that their gift can be leveraged to have a bigger impact on the community. By sharing real-life stories of how this hands-on approach to giving has transformed lives including her own, Morgridge inspires others to believe that they can also make a difference in their community, no matter the size of their gift. The most important message is that we all can get involved in some way. This is an inspirational and informative conversation

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Kathy LeMay is the founder, President, and CEO of Raising Change, an organization that raises capital to advance social change agendas and increase philanthropic Participation.  Today she joins Philanthropy Hour to discuss the movement of humanity in philanthropy. She shares how her Generosity Plan helps steer individual givers towards finding their inner-inspiration and purpose. Everybody has the power to become a philanthropist. We must all "do what we can, with what we have, where we are." Kathy shares her own experiences of working with the victims of rape and genocide in war-torn Yugoslavia. She uses that experience to teach others that we all have an issue that motivates and drives us, and we can all put our talents to good use to make a difference. The act of philanthropy is more than just giving money, it is about becoming a more humane and connected person.  It is a powerful message. 

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Lisa Duran is the Executive Director of Grassroots Grantmakers in Denver, CO. Erin Barnes is a co-founder of ioby (In Our Backyard) in NYC. Together, they discuss models for community grantmaking, and empowering local citizens to take action within their own communities. This hyper-local philanthropy is sparking a movement across the country, where the best model for making change happen is on the streets. Listen to these leaders discuss the dynamics of community grantmaking, as well as the upcoming On The Ground event that they are co-sponsoring in Brooklyn in October 2015. 

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Carl Terzian has run Carl Terzian Associates PR for over 46 years. He is a lion of the Los Angeles business community, and the Dean of networking. Today he reflects on his own life and successful career. He explains the networking model that makes them unique, the front and backside of the business card concept, the value of service to others, and the importance of creating meaningful relationships. He discusses leadership, philanthropy, and supporting the nonprofit community. He demonstrates that a person's career is more than just a resume or a business card, it is a reflection of their values and belief system. Carl is truly an embodiment of the phrase "doing well by doing good." This interview is a good summary of Carl's work and mission. 

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T.J. Cook discusses the CauseLabs model as a true partnership of working with social entrepreneurs to design platforms which not only provide a service, but also increase our interactions with one another, and our humanity. Technology can enhance our interactions and improve our lives, but the core of all technology is still relationships. T.J. also discusses the social enterprise model, and the B Corp structure. CauseLabs became a B Corp a couple of years ago, and he said it has really opened doors and connected them to a full community of changemakers. 

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Pioneer and legend Jerr Boschee discusses the social enterprise field, the difference between social enterprise and social innovation, what constitutes a successful social entrepreneur. He touches on many different subjects that he has addressed throughout his career, including the problems with nonprofit organizations, innovations in the private sector, and why the millennial generation is so well equipped to become great social entrepreneurs. Jerr reflects on his career, the state of the sector as it now, and why he is excited for the future. This is a really wonderful conversation. 

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Modern philanthropy is looking for different ways to diffuse capital into the markets, and how to make traditional investments in non-traditional settings, like 'social' enterprises. Here, Kevin discusses some of the capital vehicles, including the confusion that can occur by applying capital financing to inherently unprofitable structures, like nonprofit organizations. It is an interesting interview with an admittedly different viewpoint on the issues. Definitely worth listening to for a contrarian perspective of B Corporations and the B Corp designation. 

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Glen Galaich, CEO, addresses the work of TPW, and how the workshop model is effective in forming thoughts and opinions, clarifying goals and objectives, and establishing a framework for giving, and a theory of change. Glen shares his thoughts on a broad spectrum of philanthropy, including the various issues facing philanthropy, and the proper tools to tackle different issues. This is a fascinating conversation, and Glen has keen insights into the problems and potential solutions for social change. 

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In her book, Everyday Ambassador, Kate details how we can actively work to hold onto our social and community skills as we live in the digital age by practicing four core values: empathy, patience, focus, and humility. Through examples and exercises, Kate shows how these four values can bring us together, even when technology may try to force us apart. The book’s main goal? To inspire people to connect, to make a difference, and to act in service to create positive change every day, everywhere, with everyone.

Kate’s experiences both in global and in local service has given her a breadth of knowledge and authority on a broad range of subjects. She is a great resource for the issues of the day, and how to address some of the world's most complex issues. In this interview, Kate discusses the Everyday Ambassador movement, the importance of human connection, and every individual's ability to express our own humanity and grace.

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Dr. Sara Konrath directs the Interdisciplinary Program on Empathy and Altruism - or iPear - a research lab which focuses on empathy and related traits. In this interview, Dr. Konrath discusses her research, specifically on how empathy corresponds with philanthropy and charitable giving. It is an interesting look at how donors connect with organizations, and how we can increase giving in the future. 

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Rusty Stahl is the Founder and CEO of Talent Philanthropy Project, a campaign to inspire Foundation and grantmakers to fund and nurture developing staff and leadership in grantee organizations and the nonprofit sector at large. He is helping to build a movement to maximize talent investing. Rusty joins us to talk about the deficit of talent investing, and how grantmakers can leverage the impact of their philanthropic dollars by supporting and nurturing the community of change makers in their grantee organizations and the wider social sector.  

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As Executive Director of Grants Mangers Network (GMN), Michelle oversees a program dedicated to streamlining the grants management process, and helping organizations achieve better grantmaking and better overall philanthropy.  The grants management process might not be the sexy side of philanthropy, but it is absolutely essential to creating more harmony between funders and nonprofit organizations, and a better way of doing business. 

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Legendary impact investor Jed Emerson has a long and accomplished career in various sectors of investing and creating community impact. He was co-author on some of ther earliest books on Impact Investing, as well as the theory of Blended Value. Here he talks about his own career path and where it's leading, the state of social capitalism, the roots of blended value, and the future trends of impact investing. This is a highly informative and involving interview that shouldn't be missed! 


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As the leader of Community Partners, Paul Vandeventer writes and speaks extensively on networks, partnerships, civic engagement, and promoting greater 'civic reach.' He passionately advocates for a more united and collaborative Los Angeles. He is a wonderful speaker and deep thinker, with knowledge on the region, and a passion for storytelling.  

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Impact Makers, a management and IT consulting company in Richmond, VA, is truly creating impact on an unprecedented level. They have made a commitment to gift 100% of all profits and equity from the company back into the community, through a couple of community foundation organizations. That is correct. 100% of the company is owned by community nonprofits.  As one of the original certified B Corporations, the purpose of this company is to maximize community and social value.  It has been good for their bottom line as well, since Impact Makers is listed in Inc. magazine's Top 500 Fastest Growing Private Companies.  Profits, Purpose, and Passion. 

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Katie Kerr, Director of Communications for B Lab, discusses exactly what a B Corporation is, how companies can gain certification through the B Impact Assessment, and how a generation of social entrepreneurs is using business as a force for good in the world. B Corp certification is to sustainable business what LEED certification is to green building or Fair Trade certification is to coffee. Today, there is a growing community of over 1,000 Certified B Corps from more than 30 countries and 60 industries working together toward 1 unifying goal: to use business as a force for social good.

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Nell provides concrete examples from her 20 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. She discusses how truly effective organizations always begin with a Theory of Change, getting to the core of why they exist, and being able to articulate that through a Message of Impact. From there, an org must focus on strong leadership, building an effective board of directors, and staying true to their core mission and strategic plan. This is an insightful interview full of great actionable tips.  

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Cathy Clark is a professor, researcher, impact investor, and leader in the movement for social enterprises, B Corporations, impact investing, and social good.  She is a Director of CASE i3 at the Fuqua School of Business at Duke University, i3 standing for Initiative on Impact Investing.  In this episode she speaks about impact investing, social entrepreneurs, and the importance of this model in the world of business, and how it represents the future of fundraising for pro-social organizations. 

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Challenge grants like My LA2050 represent a new model for Foundations, byseeking out innovative new organizations, visionary projects, and also crowdsourcing the opinions of people all across the city, who have a chance to vote for their favorite projects.  Besides this program, Goldhirsh Foundation is also exploring new ways of funding social entrepreneurs and B Corporations, through a hybrid venture philanthropy model.  Tara discusses all of the exciting things that are taking place, and how the landscape of philanthropy is shifting in unexpected ways. 

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Dave Sternberg is a consultant, coach, and trainer who specializes in strengthening nonprofit boards and creating awesome fundraising organizations.  As a Board Governance Consultant for BoardSource, he preaches a strong, engaged, fundraising board of directors as the most important element of any high-functioning organization. In this episode, he provides valuable information and actionable steps on how a nonprofit organization can identify, recruit, and develop awesome board members, and go from good to great. 

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Ryan Honeyman, author and thought leader, discusses the popularity of B Corporations as a business model, and represents a profound shift in thinking about the way business measure their success. In this episode we discuss what a B Corp is, how it is set up, and how it helps business achieve their goals. Ryan also talks about some important resources that can help get you started. 

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Nike (pronounced Nicki) is the VP of Programs for the California Community Foundation, the largest community foundation in the Los Angeles region, with assets of over $1.4 billion, and over 17,000 actively managed funds. Nike discusses the community foundation model, and its importance in bridging the gap between funders and on-the-ground agencies providing the necessary social services. 

Nike Irvin has an impressive background in the philanthropic sector, having previously served for seven years as the Executive Director of the Riordan Foundation in Los Angeles.  She is a proud Angeleno who is deeply ensconced in the fabric of this community.  In her current role, she is pivotal in providing funding to organizations who are providing services in low-income neighborhoods in South LA. She is also leading collaborations and partnerships with other important stakeholders to build a new model for funding in Los Angeles. 

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Kyle Westaway is a social entrepreneur and an attorney based in Brooklyn. He is the principal of Westaway Law, a law firm for social entrepreneurs.  

Kyle has been recognized as one of the leading independent attorneys in the US by Xemplar and has been selected as a Cordes Fellow. He is a lecturer on Law at Harvard Law School, where he co-teaches a course on social entrepreneurship. His work has been featured in The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and Business Insider. 

In this interview, we discuss:

  1. What is a social enterprise?
  2. How start-ups and blue chip corporations are responding to market trends?
  3. How the purpose-driven mentality is infiltrating the marketplace. 
  4. The importance of metrics and accountability. 
  5. Where the field of social enterprise is heading. 
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Mark Loranger is the President and CEO of Chrysalis, an organization dedicated to creating a pathway to self-sufficiency for the homeless and low-income individuals.  Before that, Mark was VP of Chrysalis Enterprises, a group of social enterprise businesses that provides transitional jobs for Chrysalis clients.

In our interview, Mark gives an historical background on the social enterprise field, the evolution of what it has become today, and how his own personal passions have manifested themselves in the work that he does for Chrysalis, a true social enterprise.

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Sylia Obagi is a leader in the Los Angeles philanthropic sector. As  the Executive Director of the Roy and Patricia Disney Family Foundation, she is charged with leading the 16-member board of directors through a strategic planning process to establish the organization's mission, vision, grantmaking priorities, and next generation leadership development program, and to position the organization as a strategic partner to community stakeholders.  

Her experiences in the various organizations and associations have led her to realize that the most effective organizations benefit from strong and visionary leadership, with an active board of directors that is engaged in fundraising and strategic planning. She also believes that the social sector in general could benefit from a shift in mindset and perception, and that we all have a part to play in that transformation. 

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James Barnes is the Chief Relationship Officer for Vanguard Charitable, an independent public charity founded by Vanguard as a tax-effective way to contribute assets, over time, recommend grants to nonprofit organizations.

By creating a personal philanthropic account, clients can be strategic about giving and managing their charitable contributions in a flexible and convenient way. They offer an immediate benefit as a charitable tax contribution.  They enable their assets to grow tax-free through any number of investment options.  With over $4.5 billion in 10,000+ accounts, granting over $0.5 billion a year, Vanguard Charitable's mission is to increase philanthropy and maximize its charitable impact over time.

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Nnamdi Okafor is the founder and director of VSN Managment

The mission of VsN is to effectively manage the philanthropic agendas of its clients, promoting them to both a local and global community through a broad range of modern, cutting edge applications.

Nnamdi has an incredible personal story to share as well, from his birth in Nigeria to establishing his roots and his company in Los Angeles.  Nnamdi has worked for some amazing charitable causes, and we're lucky to hear his story on this show.  His passion for change and a better community leads him to be a force and contributor in the realm of philanthropy. 

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Dr. Russell James is the Director of Graduate studies in Charitable Financial Planning at Texas Tech University.  He was trained as a lawyer, having graduated cum laude from University of Missouri.  He worked as a Planned Giving Director for Central Christian College, while also building a successful law practice around estate and gift planning.  He later served as President of the same college, with direct supervision over all fundraising activities.

In this fascinating interview, we cover the research that he has conducted at Texas Tech University, and apply it to real world applications of approaching donors and asking for money, specifically charitable bequest gifts. This research also provides an insight into the thought process of donors, and how to manipulate that thought process to get the best responses. 

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